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How important is Cleaning and Disinfecting your Building.

Regularly disinfecting our hands and paying extra attention to our personal hygiene is essential but one should not overlook the importance of cleaning and disinfecting the buildings they live or work in.

Although the germs of coronavirus spread through droplets when someone sneezes or coughs, it can also spread when someone touches a contaminated object and then touches their mouth, eyes, or nose. The virus particles can be anywhere, and the recent study proves that these particles can stay active for hours on various surfaces. This is why it is essential to properly clean and disinfect every single surface in your building in order to prevent the virus from spreading. The terms cleaning and disinfection are often used synonymously. Yet, they are quite different. Cleaning is the simple act of eliminating dirt and other impurities from different surfaces. However, disinfection is the form of cleaning where harmful micro-organisms, such as viruses and bacteria are completely eradicated from different surfaces.

It is important to understand that cleaning alone will not be able to wipe out the coronavirus particles from your building. Similarly, one should not start disinfecting before cleaning. For the best results, cleaning must be done before disinfection so that the dirt particles do not interfere with disinfectants. If you are regularly cleaning and disinfecting your building, you are giving your employees and the residents of the buildings the confidence that they are being looked after. Additionally, you are playing the role of a good citizen by doing everything possible to slow down the spread of coronavirus.

Question #1: As a building manager, what steps have you taken to prevent the spread of coronavirus?

Question# 2: Are you regularly cleaning and disinfecting your building?